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Eric Schnell posted Brickskeller Sunday Night?

A few of us are planning to head over to the Brickskeller Sunday night around 10ish. 1523 22nd Street Northwest They have one of the most extensive beer lists you can find: http://www.lovethebeer.com/beer-list.html

T Scott Plutchak: If you've got the time, stop by the Bearded Pigs gig on your way out. 8:00 to 11:00, Sunday night, Lincoln room at the Hilton. Cash bar. http://beardedpigs.net
Michael Evans: Had a great time thanks for all the fun. --Try Minecraft for Free

Tue, Jun 25 at 11:13AM (2 comments)

Natalie Clairoux posted Dinner for scientists turned librarians

If you plan to peek at Rebecca Raszewski's poster "Health Sciences Professionals Who Became Librarians", this dinner is for you! A group is getting together for dinner on Monday night, so we can discuss our health sciences background and its implications on our librarian practice. We are meeting at 5:45 PM in the Hilton lobby, in front of the gift shop. Please join us!

Natalie Clairoux: Thanks to the 10 people who showed up, we had interesting discussions!
Heather McEwen: I had a great time. It was nice meeting everyone.
chero: We are with you dear custom dissertation

Mon, Jul 2 at 7:15AM (3 comments)

It was great seeing the majority of you that were on my "wish to meet' list! I felt somewhat compelled to stalk, errr, I mean seek you out! Did others feel the same? Although it is much too early to know which technologies will be used for the conference community next year, I wold be interested in hearing what your thoughts were about the tools we used this year. What did you think about the Crowdvine site? Did you read the blog? Did you subscri... [read more]

Eric Schnell: Thanks for the heads up, Dale. I turned moderated membership on and deleted a few profiles. Need to put that on the checklist for next year!
maria: I have been visiting various blogs for my dissertation writing assignment research. I have found your blog to be quite useful. Keep updating your blog with valuable information... Regards
UKessay: You might like to try the following link. It provides guidance, with worked examples, on understanding what the examiner seeks and writing in an academic manner. If in doubt can always ask tutors whether it's advice applies in your discipline and ins... [read more]

Mon, Apr 9 at 12:46AM (4 comments)

Jennifer McDaniel left a note for Rachel Walden

I'm working the Hospitality Center on Monday morning, 9-11am. If you're free, stop by!

Sun, May 23 at 6:06PM

Jennifer McDaniel left a note for Nikki Dettmar

I'm working the Hospitality Center on Monday morning, 9-11am. If you're free, stop by!

Sun, May 23 at 6:06PM

David Osterbur left a note for Margaret Henderson

Margaret - Let me know when you have free time.
David Osterbur

Sun, May 23 at 4:25PM

Cynthia Kahn posted ABC's Lost

The 2-hour season finale of Lost will air during the MLA '10 conference. It is scheduled for May 23rd. Does anyone else watch Lost? Any interest in watching the finale as a group? Cynthia

Liz Fine: On second thought, now that I've checked in I don't think my room is a great place for a bunch of people to watch. Any other ideas?
Cynthia Kahn: If you want to watch LOST with a group, come to the bar at the conference hotel. They have agreed to show it.
Cynthia Kahn: If you want to watch LOST with a group, come to the bar at the conference hotel. They have agreed to show it.

Sun, May 23 at 10:01AM (18 comments)

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Sat, May 22 at 10:51PM (0 comments)

Jenny Pierce left a note for Heather McEwen

Hi Heather!
I will try to find you and your poster so we can meet.

Sat, May 22 at 9:38AM

Jenny Pierce left a note for Nancy Glassman

Hi Nancy. I left your phone number at work. Sigh. I don"t know how secure these notes are or I would leave mine. I will try to find your work email and send it.

Sat, May 22 at 9:34AM

Eric Schnell posted FriendFeed Stream

Follow conference Tweets, posts to the Official Blog, and Crowdvine discussions by subscribing to the conference FriendFeed: http://friendfeed.com/mla2010

Fri, May 21 at 11:22PM (0 comments)

Margaret Henderson left a note for Maureen "Molly" Knapp

I think we are presenting posters in different rooms on Sunday. I have another poster at 4:15 on Monday. I'm driving up with Shannon tomorrow so I's sure we'll see you at some point!

Fri, May 21 at 4:35PM

Eric Schnell posted Alternative to Starbucks!

Check out Filter at 1726 20th NW. Go down Conn Ave, left on S, right on 20th! (THX to Sarah Cantrell for this tip!)

Fri, May 21 at 2:43PM (0 comments)

Lori Winterfeldt left a note

Looking to connect with Deb Goss.

Fri, May 21 at 2:41PM

Maureen "Molly" Knapp left a note for Margaret Henderson

Hi Margaret, i'll be presenting poster #14 on Sunday - maybe i'll see you there :)

Thu, May 20 at 5:02PM

Sara Pimental posted Closing Event

Does anyone know exactly who the political satire group is at the closing event. Is it by any chance the Capitol Steps?

Terry Jankowski: It's official - Capitol Steps will perform at the closing event on Tuesday May 25th. They will perform around 8:30 pm (the Reception starts at 7 pm). Bars and food will close during the performance so come early to eat and connect with your friends
Clare Leibfarth: Didn't they perform at the Welcome Reception in 1992?
Teresa L. Knott: Yes they did Clare. They are hysterical. :)

Thu, May 20 at 1:20PM (5 comments)

Eric Schnell posted Free Stuff to do in DC

See: http://readysetdc.com/2010/05/free-in-dc-week-of-5-19-10/

Wed, May 19 at 9:05PM (0 comments)

Clare Leibfarth left a note for Nikki Dettmar

Left you a note/comment on the blogger schedule page.

Wed, May 19 at 12:52PM

Marie K. Saimbert left a note for Jenny Pierce

Hi Jenny--glad to see you on the network--hope to see you during MLA--Marie

Wed, May 19 at 11:32AM

Marina Englesakis left a note for Heather McEwen

Terrific! We'll have to figure out when/where/how to meet!

Tue, May 18 at 10:42PM

Marina Englesakis left a note for Michele Malloy

Hi, Michele,
There are some very creative, innovative folks at the UHN who are developing iPhone apps for various medical/patient purposes. We don't have any 'available' at this time, though.
Happy to meet... just not sure when! The program is so incredibly full. When is your poster session?

Tue, May 18 at 10:40PM

Michele Malloy left a note for Marina Englesakis

Marina! Is your university health network currently supporting any medical apps for the iPhone? My colleague C. Scott Dorris & I have a poster at MLA regarding library support for a required iPhone/iPod touch program at our med school... we'd love to talk with you.

Tue, May 18 at 2:30PM

Eric Schnell posted Wireless at Conference

Unfortunately the only way to get wireless in the conference area of the hotel is to have an air card. There will be the standard Internet café with hardwired computers, but for wireless access MLA has arranged a deal with Event Radio Rentals for discounted prices on card rental for MLA members. For the details, visit http://npc.mlanet.org/mla10/?p=193

Julia Shaw-Kokot: Thanks, Sarah! Appreciate your efforts!
Sarah McCord: I heard back from the hotel. According to the Assistant Director of Events for the Hilton Washinton, they have antennas in the building for Verizon, AT&T and Nextel, and all three networks should have similar coverage. I asked if they had received an... [read more]
Julia Shaw-Kokot: Great! Thanks for the quick follow-up, and I will test out the AT&T. You have just saved several trees!

Tue, May 18 at 11:29AM (6 comments)

Clare Leibfarth left a note for Maureen "Molly" Knapp

Just received my wireless device from FedEx. Getting psyched for blogging!

Tue, May 18 at 11:28AM

Maureen "Molly" Knapp left a note for Clare Leibfarth

look forward to meeting you at the conference Clare!

Tue, May 18 at 11:01AM

Mary Markland left a note for Debbie Sibley

Hi Debbie! I would love to have a visit with you in DC.

Tue, May 18 at 10:47AM

Michele Malloy left a note for Liz Fine

I'm also a nursing liaison librarian, and our school is about to start a DNP program... would love to talk with you!

Tue, May 18 at 9:59AM

Clare Leibfarth left a note for Michele Malloy

I've really enjoyed all the MLA '10 Blog posts -- way useful! Now I know where to get coffee and donuts!

Tue, May 18 at 9:48AM

Heather McEwen left a note for Marina Englesakis

Hi Marina. We have a shared interest in EBM.

Mon, May 17 at 10:40AM

Marina Englesakis left a note for Heather McEwen

Hi, Heather,
I'm not sure why you'd want to meet with me, but I'm always happy to meet a colleague!

Sun, May 16 at 3:51PM

Todd Vandenbark left a note for Jean Shipman

Hi Jean!

Thu, May 13 at 7:11PM